MSI Blog Welcome!

Welcome to the MSI Blog!

We are excited to spread information, stories and news to all of you.

 This summer we are going to highlight our Summer Marine Camp. There will be information about what the campers did each day, quotes, stories, pictures,  and more!

For starters we would like you to meet our 2012 Summer Marine Camp staff. Your campers will be having so much fun with these talented individuals while they learn about marine science!

Back Row from left: Courtney Hunt, Tania Garcia, Kristina Sawyer, Jess Madding, Wes Shum, Siani Donnellan, Caitlin Donnellan

Front Row from left: Felicia Van Stolk, Michelle Fergus, Sindy Crisostomo, Rachel Wong, KC O’Shea, Scott Mohanram, Stephanie Hansen, Liz Sheets, Brooke Bailey, David Peterson (Not in picture – Lauren Knox and Stephanie Weiner)


This week…

This week the campers are having a blast going to the Aquarium of the Bay, taking a voyage on the R/V Robert G. Brownlee, checking out the Hayward Shoreline and more.

Volunteer Highlight: Calvin

I started volunteering with MSI as a fish intern this spring. I love MSI and I love Marine Camp!

What was your first experience with MSI? 3 years ago I came to MSI’s Earth Day

What made you interested in volunteer at MSI?  I want to pursue a career in Marine Science and volunteering here is a great opportunity to work with kids and Marine Science.

What are some of your favorite activities besides Marine Science? Surfing and playing cello is a band.

What is you favorite activity in Marine Camp?  The Trip to the Farallone Visitor center but I am also excited to go onto the boat tomorrow.

MSI Staff:  Calvin has a clear passion for marine science. Calvin has a magnetism effect on the campers. They are always flocking to him. He is extremely engage with the kids and is very creative.

Camper Quote…

Ron a camper in Ocean Explores Sharks group was having a conversation before going onto the R/V Robert G. Brownlee.

Ron: Are we going to learn about Robert G. Brownlee today?

Steph:  Why do you want to know about Robert G. Brownlee?

Ron: Well I just think that would be some useful information!


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