Gorgeous Thursday at MSI and in the City!

What a gorgeous day here at MSI and in the City.


 The Ocean Explores enjoyed the nice day learning all about crabs up at the Farallones   Visitor Center.

While the Plankton Pioneers stayed on site learning all about invertebrates, exploring what lives in the mud, and making some great crab art.

The Underwater Investigators start their voyage out to Angel Island where they get to sleep on our Research Vessel (R/V) Robert G. Brownlee.

Volunteer Highlight: Healey

Fun times this week!

What was you first experience with MSI? I came here as a camper in 5th grade.

 What made you interested in volunteering at MSI? I really liked camp and want to help out. I really like working with kids

 What are some of your favorite activities besides Marine Science? I like to read, play Lacrosse, and run Cross Country.

 What is your favorite activity in Marine Camp? Looking and touching all the fish

 MSI Staff: Healey is great with kids, takes care of things with out asking, cleans, and asks if there is anything else to do.

3 little Plankton Pioneers: Lauren, Evelen, and Katie loves this song that they learned is week.

Here comes “Lauren” on her Dolphin,
riding on her big blue Dolphin,
Here cames “Lauren”on her Dolphin,
This is what she told me.
Front to front to front, my baby.
Back to back to back, my baby.
Side to side to side, my baby.
This is what she told me.

Evelen liked this song so much, she taught her friend outside of camp!


Plankton Pioneer will set out for Expedition Day! Ocean Explorers will be on site learning about mammals and Underwater Investigators will be making their way back to MSI seeing what they can catch in the net. Don’t forget to stay and watch the slide show of your campers. Plankton Pioneers parking at 1pm show is at 1:30; Ocean Explorers and Underwater Investigators parking starts at 3pm and the show starts at 3:30pm. Please do not arrive early.


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