Firework Week 3

We are extremely excited to start off this 4th of July week here at MSI with our new set of campers.

The Inland Seas Explorers used a seine net to see what they could catch. They ended up catching some anchovy, perch, goby, and two bat rays! What a great way to start the week.

The Ocean Explorers Rays and Sharks were able to create amazing fish print bags and learn all about ocean fish and lots more.


Kevin (Inland Seas Explorers) created a clay singing fish that would sing so bad, the other fish would come over to tell it to be quiet. As the other fish approach the singing fish GULP! the singing fish would eat them. What a great adaptation!


Inland Seas explorers are heading to the Aquarium of the bay. Ocean Explorers Rays will take a trip to Pescadero State Beach. Ocean Explorers Sharks are taking a voyage on the R/V Robert G. Brownlee.  Make sure to bring layers of clothes, trash free lunch, water bottle and wear you MSI t-shirt

Don’t forget to come back every day to see what the campers are up to and to see fun quotes, stories, and more.


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