Canoe Adventures in the City

Summer Camp isn’t the only thing happening at MSI this time of year.  We are also running an exciting program with our partners at Literacy for Environmental Justice (LEJ), in San Francisco.   LEJ is a not-for-profit community organization with a beautiful eco-center at Heron’s Head Park, right on the Bay.  The center provides all of it’s own power through solar panels, has a living roof and internal marsh to re-purify water used at the facility.

Due to construction around their headquarters, MSI took our canoes to a nearby park to launch our canoe adventure.  Islais Creek has a fascinating history.  Once it drew it’s source from nearby San Bruno Mountain, and meandered through the heart of San Francisco to it’s destination of San Francisco Bay.  After the great earthquake of 1906, however, the creek, already terribly polluted by that point, was filled in completely with rubble from the many destroyed buildings.  Today, there really is no Islais Creek, just an inlet from the Bay that dead ends a few hundred yards in.

Still, the location offered us a chance to get onto the water, an experience much anticipated by this group especially since our last attempt was cancelled by heavy winds.  Everyone had a terrific time.  We studied water quality, the limited flora, and all made it back to shore dry and happy!


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