Leather Star Wednesday!

Wednesday fun with the campers!


Dermasterias imbricata

DESCRIPTION: It may be up to 12 cm across with a soft and slippery texture. The color is lead gray with patches of red, brown, or purple.

FOOD: Eats urchins, sponges, anemones, bryozoans, sea cucumbers, and sea stars.

HABITAT/RANGE: Found in open rocky pools, but more abundant in sheltered places in the low to subtidal zones from Alaska to San Diego.

POINTS OF INTEREST:  This animal has a slight garlicky odor.  Can you smell it?  The leather star is unable to cling tightly to the substrate and thus must avoid areas of heavy wave action.

Our Underwater Investigators are getting excited to spend the night on the R/V Robert G. Brownlee tomorrow night. Today half were out on canoes enjoying the sites, and the other half were on site learning all about Biomimicry! David was looking at the leather star and asked, “Is this the one that smells like garlic?” He continues, “It must be the vampire squid’s least favorite food.” Ha Ha

The Plankton Pioneers had a splash of a time out on the R/V Robert G. Brownlee. While talking about the sides of the boat a question was ask to the campers, “What do you call the back of the boat?” Gabriel shouted, “The Plank!” All the campers then started saying “Walk the Plank!” for the other sides of the boat.

“I found a Crab!”

Ocean explorers enjoyed looking under rocks to find all sorts of crab crawling in the crevices in San Francisco.


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