Impressive Inverts

It was another awesome day at Marine Camp! 

Plankton Pioneers spent the day looking at invertebrates.  They began by pulling in the mud grab and searching for critters in the ooey goey bay mud. From there, they headed to the aquarium where they explored ocean invertebrates.  They finished off their day by making macaroni hermit crabs. 

***TOMORROW is the Plankton Pioneer Expedition Day.  Campers will be exploring the marsh, beach and deep sea.  The best part is that campers get to come to camp dressed up like explorers!  Make sure to be creative with your outfits and have fun!!!

Today the Ocean Explorers were busy with Arthropods, Sharks, Mollusks and Marine Mammals.  Everyone’s favorite part of the day was the Invent an Invert activity.  In this activity, campers got to invent an invertebrate and tell everyone about its adaptations, eating habits and where it is found.  One of our favorite inverts today was the Evil Psychic Pink Eyed Italian Jelly.  It uses its mustache to catch prey! Tomorrow the Ocean Explorers are headed to the Farallones Marine Sanctuary Visitor Center in San Francisco.  

Aiden and his Evil Psychic Pink Eyed Italian Jelly.

This morning, the Underwater Investigators packed up their sleeping bags and began their two-day journey on the Brownlee.  They spent the morning cruising to Angel Island where they are currently exploring and having a BBQ.  Tonight they will head to Pier 40 for an overnight on the boat.  We can’t wait to see them tomorrow and hear all about their adventures. Check back for pictures of their trip after they return!


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