We Are Back!

The Underwater Investigators (UI) arrived back at MSI around 2pm today. On the way to Angel Island on Thursday the campers created beautiful water colors, clay creations, and were able to steer the ship. Once they arrive at Angel Island the UI split into two different groups. Those who wanted to hike up to the very top and those who wanted to hang and play at the beach. After about 3 hrs it was time for dinner.The UI were so excited they wanted to help grill. From the hiking and playing the campers enjoyed eating almost all of the food we had for dinner. That evening the R/V Robert G. Brownlee was docked at Pier 40 in San Francisco were the campers watched Dolphin Tale until it was time to fall asleep.

Wet enough to keep in life
Bright enough to give it beauty
Fast enough to travel
Blue enough to travel
Blue enough to see
Deep enough to hide
Big enough to explore
~Milo (Underwater Investigator)

Today the campers were ready to go, enjoying breakfast on the deck and seeing, Main Attraction Band, board a wooden yacht to, what it look like, going to film a music video. Once we disembarked from Pier 40 the campers trawled for fish and caught a variety of species consisting of Northern Anchovy, Starry Flounder, English Sole and more. The also collected a Benthic sample and explored some plankton. The UI then design under water laboratories based on the concept of Biomimicry. Biomimicry is the practice of mimicking nature’s designs and strategies to meet human needs. This was a great and amazing group of campers, nice, smart , and excited every step of the way.

Thank you Ocean Explorers, Plankton Pioneers, and Underwater Investigators. We enjoyed our time with you and would love to see you again.

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