It’s a Shark of a Day!

All the campers today were able to experience learning or seeing something about sharks. The Ocean Explorer Sharks were able to see a fun replica of a shark at the Farallones Visitor Center.

The Ocean Explorer Rays learned tons of interesting facts about a variety of sharks. Their favorite shark was the prehistoric Megalodon. The Megalodon name means “big tooth” and that what the campers keep talking about that they have gigantic teeth.

The Plankton Pioneers went out on the R/V Robert G. Brownlee where they caught lots of baby Brown Smoothhounds. These sharks are very calm and common to this area.

Project Discovery is out and about on their adventure. They had done some ocean acidification activities with green Chemistry. They Enjoyed the Beautiful scenery on a coastal hike. Today the campers are focusing on conducting surveys at the beach.


The Ocean Explorers Sharks are voyaging out on the R/V Robert G. Brownlee. Looking forward to see what they will catch in the net.

The Ocean Explorers Rays will be jumping onto the bus and making their way along the coast to explore the beach and marsh habitats at Pescadero State Beach.

The Plankton Pioneers will be at MSI being crafty with Invertebrates.

Volunteer Highlight: Arielle

MSI is a really good organization to teach about the Bay in ways that kids love and not necessarily get in school. I have Volunteered at other organizations and MSI is by far the best!

What was your first experience with MSI? I started as a Plankton Pioneer and kept coming back each year. I am going to be a freshman at UCSB majoring in microbiology, but possibly might do Marine Bio Technology. I have always loved Marine Biology and In High School we had a great Bio Tech class.

What made you interested in volunteering at MSI? Loved MSI as a kid and wanted to come back.

What are some of your favorite activities besides Marine Science? I like reading, hiking, skiing in the winter, and kayaking.

What is your Favorite activity in Marine Camp? The Pescadero fieldtrip because of the Eucalyptus tree. For fun I took my mom out to the tree. The Aquarium is super awesome.

MSI Staff: She always takes on responsibilities on her own and loves playing games with the campers.  

Check out our fun Public Events, There are loads of fun activities for the whole family!


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