Pajama Day at MSI!

Plankton Pioneers: Top Five Favorite Things About MSI

We interviewed all of the Plankton Pioneers to hear what they liked most about MSI.  Here are their top five responses:

1. Going on the Boat

2. Touching Animals

3. Fishing

4. Mud Grab

5. Playing Games

What’s been happening at camp?

Today, the Ocean Explorers Sharks ventured out into the SF Bay (in their pajamas) where they caught lots of fish, a few bat rays and even a sturgeon! Tomorrow, they can’t wait to hang out at MSI and learn even more about arthropods, mollusks, and sharks!

The Ocean Explorers Rays took an expedition to Pescadero State beach where they learned all about sand, birds and marsh plants on this exceptionally warm day.  Tomorrow, they are looking forward to their trip on the Robert G. Brownlee! What do you think they will catch????

The Plankton Pioneers took over camp today as they studied about Invertebrates.  When you see them, make sure to ask about their macaroni hermit crabs. Tomorrow is Expedition Day at MSI! Campers will spend the day exploring the marsh, beach and deep-sea.  Make sure to dress like an explorer and remember creativity counts.

The Project Discovery team checked in with us right before they left for a fun day of kayaking.  We can’t wait to hear all about their adventures on the coast when they return tomorrow!!

We hope you will join us tomorrow (Friday) for the Marine Camp show and tell.  Parking for the Plankton Pioneer’s show and tell will begin at 1:00pm with the presentation starting at 1:30pm.  Parking for the Ocean Explorers show and tell will begin at 3:00pm with the presentation starting at 3:30pm.  Come watch a slide show of pictures from the week then let your camper show off what they have learned as they walk you through our aquarium and boat! 


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