Adopt an Animal at MSI

Have you ever fed a Shark? What about a Crab? Have you ever seen how Sea Stars eat? By adopting an animal at MSI you’ll get an exclusive up-close and personal experience of our aquarium! Through this symbolic adoption you’ll join the MSI Staff in feeding some of our marine animals in the MSI aquarium.

Adopt a Leopard Shark, Crab or Sea Star! Help care for the marine life at MSI by making this symbolic adoption for a donation of $25 and get a behind-the-scenes look at how the MSI staff feed all of our marine animals in the aquarium.

With your adoption you’ll also get:

  • A special Adoption Certificate
  • A glossy photo of your adopted animal with “fun-facts”
  • An exclusive invitation to come feed the animals in our Aquarium!

If you would like to Adopt an Animal click here.

For more information about our Adopt an Animal program please contact Janeen Tuitupou at or (650) 364-2760 x14. All animal adoptions are 100% tax-deductible donations that go to support MSI programs!


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