Fun Fact Day!

Halfway through the week!

The campers are very enthusiastic about Marine Camp. Today I interviewed several campers about their time and experience at MSI.


Grace, Sarah, Claire, and Alaya were very adorable and wanted to do the interview as a group about Inland Seas Explorers camp. This is Alayas second year of camp and wanted to come back because it was very fun last year. Alayas favorite marine animal is an Orca. Grace, Sarah, and Claire are all experiencing camp for the first time and wanted to try MSI for an experience of a different camp. Grace is very excited about learning new things and her favorite marine animals are Orca and Dolphins because she can see them at marine places. Claire enjoys touching fish and her favorite marine animal is an octopus because of ink defense, camouflage, and they can squeeze into tight places “Which I can’t do,” Claire explained. Sarah is really excited for the boat trip on Friday. Sarah really likes Dolphins because they are “really cute”.

The Ocean Naturalist brought in a fact about a Marine Organism and their sources. Today two campers shared there experience at camp and there facts.

Simons Fact: Pelicans prefer to swallow fish head first.

Simon is a second time camper and is really excited to come back next year for the Underwater Investigator Camp. He is excited for next year because of the canoeing, Angel Island, and the overnight on the boat. Simon is excited to be here at Marine Camp because it is different from other camps that he goes to during the summer. Simon really enjoys boat days and fieldtrip days.

Meghans Fact: Ring-Billed Gulls are known as “fast food” gulls because the hang around fast food joints waiting for food. I did a report an them in 4th grade!

Meghan has been attending Marine Camp for 4 years and loves to learn about fish and what it is like to be a Marine Biologist. She really likes to look for crabs under the rocks on the shoreline. Meghans favorite marine animal are staghorn sculpins because they are nice to pet and look funny.

The Plankton Pioneers made their way onto the R/V Robert G. Brownlee where they caught a big surfperch.


Planton Pioneers will be at MSI learning all about Invertebrates.

Inland Seas Explorers will also be onsite learning about sharks and other aspects about the environment.

Ocean Naturalist will be enjoying their day at Pescadero State Beach.

Come back tomorrow to see pictures from one of our very own Ocean Naturalist campers and their insight about camp.


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