Jackson Aldrich, Ocean Naturalist!

Jackson Aldrich

Jackson Aldrich is an Ocean Naturalist this week at Marine Camp. He has loved Marine Science since his first year at MSI as a Plankton Pioneer. The experiences at MSI sparked an interest in the marine life that he has seen on family trips, in aquariums, books, and television documentaries. He is excited to continue with marine camp by attending Underwater Investigators next year. Jacksons Favorite activity at camp is using the Otter Trawl to catch fish on the R/V Robert G. Brownlee. Jackson really likes bat rays, but his favorite marine organism is a thornback ray where he was able to interact with, the smooth yet thorny texture, at the Monterey Bay Aquarium.

Photo by Jackson Aldrich

R/V Robert G. Brownlee
Photo by Jackson Aldrich

Photo by Jackson Aldrich

Jackson is highly interested in photography and has been apart of a photo class. His friend’s babysitter is a professional photographer, and she taught the children about photography in a weekly class this spring. During these photography sessions they photographed nature, ordinary items, and each other from a variety of angles.

Measuring Bat Ray
Photo By Jackson Aldrich

During his time at MSI the campers visited different marine places. Jackson would like to re-visit these places. In August one of his grandmothers will be in town and possibly take a trip to Pescadero State Beach or the Farallones Marine Sanctuary. Continuing with Jacksons excitement about nature, one of his grandparents bought him a bird guide book, which he also already used this week by studying and identifying variety of seabirds.

Farallones Visitor Center
Photo by Jackson Aldrich

We are excited here at MSI for Jacksons amazing Photography and excitement of marine life. He embodies MSIs mission statement is so many ways. The Institute’s mission is to cultivate a responsibility for the natural environment and our human communities through interdisciplinary science education.

Thank you Jackson for being apart of the MSI Family!

If you have any stories to share comment here, on MSI Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/marinescienceinstitute or e-mail Hayley@sfbaymsi.org

Look back here tomorrow for more stories about Marine Camp.


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