Dress Up Extravaganza!

This week has been just a blast being able to see the excitement in my nieces and nephews, as well as all the campers this week.


Ocean Naturalists this week are exceptional! Each day the campers had something they had to research and if the campers came with the information they received a prize. Monday they had a Journal Making competition. Tuesday the campers had to study and find facts about Jacques Cousteau because when the instructors talk about how he made them interested in Marine Science and then ask the campers if they knew who he was, only two raised their hands. Wednesday, The campers went to the Farrallones, therefore finding facts about sea and shore birds (see Wednesdays Blog Post for examples). Today the campers are learning about Phyla and had to bring in the common and Latin names of their favorite marine animal. The prizes consisted of MSI bumper stickers, Cahootie, MSI hat, and today cupcakes. This group of advanced campers is extremely intelligent.

Earlier this week Simon an Ocean Naturalist asked “Do I have enough mud on my face?”

Sindy (camp counselor) ask Dyson an Ocean Naturalist, “what are you doing?”
Dyson: Washing my hands with mud
Sindy: Why?
Dyson: Because Wes said mud is good for your skin!

The Inland Seas Explorers headed out on the R/V Robert G. Brownlee today. Every camper that I talked to was excited to make their way to the ship to catch fish, mud and steer the ship.

The Plankton Pioneers had Expedition Day! There were so many fun and unique costumes from these campers. We had some that were marine related, super heroes, princesses, and more. Check out these cute little planktons.

Volunteer Highlight: Cher

What was your first experience with MSI? I was a fish data intern this spring

What made you interested in volunteering at MSI? Last summer I did a Marine Biology camp and really liked it and wanted to continue

What are some of your favorite activities besides Marine Science? I am a singer and love to make soap. Lavender is my favorite.

What is your favorite activity in Marine Camp?  All crafts

Camp Staff: Cher is awesome! She always helps without being ask what to do. Always willing to help everyone out. She is really friendly, positive, and happy.

My nieces and nephews had so much fun here this week. All of them said that the boat was the best part of the whole camp.Kayla liked it because of all the different activities. Zach liked it because you can try to catch sharks. Cole liked it because it was fun. Emmie thought it was the “best day ever” because it was her first time on the boat. They created unique crafts, touched an abundance of marine organisms, made new friends, and memories that would last a lifetime.

Thank you for spending the week with MSI and I hope to hear and see all of our campers at other MSI public events.

Come back Monday for a new group of campers!


2 Responses to “Dress Up Extravaganza!”

  1. Glenda Says:

    Great job Auntie Haley!! 🙂

  2. Suzy Usedom Says:

    Thank you Auntie Hayley! You’re the best!

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