A Beautiful Day at Marine Camp

Day 4 of Marine Camp is in the books and on a beautiful day in Redwood City our campers were busy learning about the local habitat, experiencing what it’s like to be an Aquarist at MSI, and learning about Hydrology.

Plankton Pioneers

The Plankton Pioneers spent the day learning about Bay and ocean invertebrates as they handled some live marine animals in the MSI classroom. They also created macaroni crabs and had a dance party in the MSC!

Tomorrow is dress up day here at MSI, so don’t forget to bring your favorite costume! As a reminder to parents, tomorrow will also be the show and tell presentation at the end of camp at 1:30pm. You’ll be able to park in the MSI parking lot starting at 1:15 and join all the campers and instructors for a show and tell featuring photos of the campers that were taken throughout the week.

Naturalist Camp

The Naturalist camp spent part of the day preparing to restore the habitat around MSI. They transplanted seedlings of native plants into yellow cylinders (pictured above). They also mapped out where these plants should go around MSI according to the type of plant it is and the habitat it thrives in. They also got a behind-the-scenes look at what it means to be the Aquarist at MSI. They got a tour of the aquarium, fed some animals and helped clean the tanks.

Tomorrow the campers will be going up to the Aquarium of the Bay to get a behind the scenes tour of the Aquarium. Campers should bring their lunch and a jacket.

Underwater Investigators

The Underwater Investigators are on the boat today where they are headed to AngelIsland and will be spending the night on the Brownlee at Pier 40. Today they learned about Hydrology while they tested the salinity of the Bay water. They learned about knot tying and the different types of sailor knots, they also did some water color painting of the view they were seeing from the boat. Finally at the end of the day they will be relaxing inside the Brownlee while enjoying the movie Surfing Ninjas.

Tomorrow they will be making their way back to Redwood City. They will be learning about biomimicry. They will be catching different marine animals such as fish, invertebrates and plankton, and will learn how their adaptations can help solve human problems.

Parents of both the Naturalist and Underwater Investigator camps are invited to come for the show and tell that will be taking place at pick-up time, at 3:30, inside the MSC to view some photos that were taken throughout the week.

That’s it for today, it was a great day at camp and the weather was warm enough for a few instructors to take a dip in the bay! Make sure to back tomorrow for the final post for this week’s camp and we look forward to seeing all the parents during the show and tell.


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