Splashing Fun!


Touching the wet cold clumpy grey green mud, the Plankton Pioneers delved into the mystery of the Benthos. Down at the bottom of the estuary the campers identified and studied a wide array of invertebrates. These invertebrates included the slender leg cancer crab, sponges, snails, and more.

Walking down a path and being able to feel the sand and see the beautiful ocean, the Ocean Explorers Sharks studied at Pescadero Beach. The campers walked through the marsh habitat and identified the various plants that grow around and eventually making their way to the Eucalyptus tree.

Reaching and stretching, moving and barking, the Ocean Explorers Rays pretended to be Marine Mammals. The campers held hands and stretched to see how long a blue whale is. What’s the difference between a seal and sea lion? These campers can explain and show you as they raced to the finish line as these two amazing mammals.


Plankton Pioneers will be boarding the Robert G. Brownlee and have an adventure on the bay.

Ocean Explorers Sharks will be on site experiencing what it is like to be a Marine Mammal.

Ocean Explorers Rays will be heading to the Farallones Visitor Center to get learn all about different types of crabs.

Come back tomorrow!


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