The Happiness Never Ends!

Today there were so many smiley faces. The campers had tons of fun on this gorgeous hot sunny day.

The plankton pioneers enjoyed being the only group on site learning all about the different types of fish. The Ocean Explorers Sharks enjoyed a slight cooler San Francisco as they spent the day enjoying the scenery at the Farallones Visitor Center. The Ocean Explorers Rays enjoyed steering the ship and catching lots of fish.


The Plankton Pioneers will be involved in their Expedition Day. Be sure to have your little ones dress up in a costume for this day

The Ocean Explorers Sharks will be venture out on the R/V Robert G. Brownlee. Don’t forget close-toed shoes.

The Ocean Explorer Rays will be heading out to Pescadero State Beach. Make sure to dress in layers.

Show and Tell

For Plankton Pioneers tomorrow at 1:15pm will be a Show and Tell! Your camper will walk you through stations with live animals and amaze you with their new knowledge!  Parking will be hectic on this day so please be patient; we will park everyone as quickly and efficiently as possible

For all Ocean Explorers tomorrow your Show and Tell will be at 3:15.

Hope to see everyone tomorrow at Show and Tell!


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