Splendid Expedition!

Today the campers enjoyed exploring different habitats.

The Ocean Explorers Sharks explored the San Francisco Bay on the R/V Robert G. Brownlee. It was a beautiful day out on the ship.

The Ocean Explorers Rays trekked through the marsh habitat at Pescadero State Beach. The campers enjoyed being out in the sun and enjoying the sandy beach habitat as well.


Olivia is a Ocean Explorers Ray and loved putting her face in the mud on the boat. She has been to MSI previously for a field trip with her school.

Paige loved the boat, especially the mud portion. She really likes to make lanyards with her free time. Her favorite lanyard to make is the zipper.

The Plankton Pioneers had a fun unique experience. They were able to learn all about the deep sea, marsh, and sandy beach habitats right here at MSI.

Thank you for sharing this week with MSI. Marine Camp Families Check your e-mails for a link to see all the amazing pictures that were taken throughout the week.

Next week is MSI last week of camp. Make sure to check us out for more stories and updates.


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