A Few Words From Our Campers!

Today was a very informative day. I got to learn a little more about a few of our campers.

Amanda is absolutely adorable and jumped at the chance to get her picture taken for the Blog and to tell me all about her thoughts on Marine Science. Amanda is apart of the Plankton Pioneer group and loves that she gets to learn all about marine animals. Her favorite animal is the dolphin. She doesn’t know why she likes dolphins so much, she just does.


Kristina one of MSI very knowledgeable instructors ask the campers, “Where does the purple shore crab live?” Aiden answered, “In the purple sea!”

Foster had a fortune cookie in his lunch and I am pretty sure it is going to come true on Friday.


Judah loves spending time by the water. His favorite part of marine camp is that he gets to spend time on the water riding on the boat, “It’s really fun.”


Tegans Favorite marine animal is a Leopard Shark.

Faye really likes bat rays and she loves marine camp because she gets to see all the marine animals and the instructors are really nice.


Plankton Pioneers are learning all about those cool super swimmers.

Ocean Explorers are taking a bus to the Farallones Visitor Center to lean all about crabs.

Inland Seas Explorers are taking a voyage on the R/V Robert G. Brownlee.

Some back tomorrow for more camp stories


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