Story Time!

The campers today had a great time at their different sites.


The Ocean Explorers traveled to the Farallones Visitor Center where some lucky campers got to dress as a crab. The campers were able to use snare straps to catch crabs as well as flipping over rocks to find some shore crabs. Lets just say it was a crabby type of day.

The Inland Seas Explorers enjoyed this beautiful day aboard the R/V Robert G. Brownlee. The campers used an Otter Trawl to catch a variety of fish. They learned to tie knots and steered the ship. The campers also collected a mud sample to see invertebrates and collected plankton to view them under a microscope.

The Plankton Pioneers stayed at MSI today where they were able to learn and touch a variety of bay and ocean fish. These campers also created beautiful fish art. The campers were very memorized by the various stories that were read to them about the different fish.


Katy and Charlotte, two of our Plankton Pioneers, love hanging out on the beach to catch crabs. Charlotte really likes all types of fish. Katy loves seals. These campers are at the perfect place to learn even more about their favorite marine organism.

Volunteer Highlight: Paige

I encourage people to volunteer at MSI. It is really fun and you can learn about marine science.

What was your first interaction with MSI? My sister did a fieldtrip to MSI.

What made you want to volunteer with MSI? I really like helping kids and I thought this would be fun.

What are some of your hobbies? I like playing soccer, drawing, and art.

What is your favorite marine camp activity? Going out on the boat! It is a different environment and it is really exciting to see what you will catch.

MSI staff: This is Paige first year volunteering with MSI. She is really good with the campers.

 Come Back tomorrow for more fun stories and to see what the campers are learning.


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