How would nature solve this?

How would nature solve this? That’s what your students will learn to ask in our, Biomimicry program.

Biomimicry is the practice of mimicking nature’s designs and strategies to meet human needs. Here is one example of how it has already impacted our lives:

* The “tubercle effect,” a design that increases wind turbine energy production by 20%, was inspired by bumpy Humpback whale fins.

Underwater Laboratory created by some of MSIs students using the concept of Biomimicry.

A Biomimicry Service includes:

* 50-minute introductory Biomimicry outreach visit in your classroom (at no extra charge)

*3-4 hour hands-on discovery of biomimicry in the marine environment in a Discovery Voyage.

*Free teacher guide & activities, plus free access to an online forum of supporting materials for teachers and students.

*Grades: 5-8

*Cost: Same as our standard Discovery Voyage

Check out MSIs website for more information about Biomimicry

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  1. Clean Tech Competition | Marine Science Institute Blog Says:

    […] for students to get involved in innovation, invention, and creating solutions for tomorrow. Our Biomimicry programs teach students to look to nature for clues and guidance in solving human challenges in sustainable, […]

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