Marine Mammals Make a Splash in the Class!

Starting this fall the Marine Science Institute will be highlighting new programs to offer schools. These programs span different age groups and topics. Last week we highlight our Biomimicry Program. Today we are going to highlight MSI Marine Mammal Inland Voyage.

What is an Inland Voyage?

MSI’s Inland Voyage (IV) program delivers the Pacific Ocean and Bay to you, bringing live marine animals and artifacts to your school or organization. Through combining hands-on investigation, and cooperative learning activities, elementary and secondary students learn about the San Francisco Estuary’s and the Pacific Ocean’s marine environments, from animal adaptations and ecological systems to environmental issues and conservation. Students rotate through two working stations, each facilitated by an instructor. Each program is tailored to the needs and curricula of the class, lasts 50 minutes, and is limited to 30 students. Educator Guides are available to complement your lesson plan surrounding the Inland Voyage. Check out this link for guides We require the participation of 3-4 classes per day at your site. A maximum of two different programs (of the 7 to choose from) can be presented per day.

Marine Mammal IV

What makes marine mammals so unique? What species of marine mammals live in or near the San Francisco Bay? While exploring unique artifacts including whalebones, baleen, Orca and Porpoise skulls, students will discover characteristics and adaptations of marine mammals in local habitats.


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