Teacher Event Conclusion!

On Thursday September 20th, 2012 the Marine Science Institute had its annual fall teacher enrichment event, From Ship to Shore, All You Need to Know and More!


There were approximately 50 educators that came to enjoy their evening on the shore side of the bay. As teachers arrived they signed in and were giving a reusable Trader Joe’s bag with MSI information a little special RAFT kit to take to their class. We had wonderful catered food spread consisting of tortellini, cheese, hummus and even more! Along with a nice supper buffet was red or white wines.


The teachers roamed through the aquarium and played a little scavenger hunt game to find specific marine organisms. In the classroom we had a take home activity where teachers made their very own Blubber Glove and played a game about whale feeding strategies. On the wall was a display “SPLASH” Board that a lucky teacher won at the raffle.


One of our most popular booths at this event was our new Get-a-Grant toolbox. This table showed teachers how to use our very new webpage to easily add their school information to a grant letter in which they can send to local businesses to help pay for MSI programs. http://sfbaymsi.org/toolbox.html

A handful of teachers booked their programs that night and are very excited to bring their students or even have MSI in the classroom.

At the very end of the evening we had a MSI raffle were teachers won kits from RAFT, a variety of art pieces, a math activity, stickers, name tags, and FREE MSI field trips.

All in all this has been the most attended MSI fall Teacher Enrichment. Thank you all who came and keep spreading the work about MSI programs. Check out MSI Facebook page for more pictures http://www.facebook.com/marinescienceinstitute?sk=wall


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