“Hey! It is Patrick from SpongeBob!”

When kids see this bright pink animal at MSI’s aquarium, the common response is, “Hey! It is Patrick from SpongeBob!”

The Pink Bay Star (Pisaster brevispinus) does not wear colorful swim trunks, but it is one awesome creature.  This sea star ranges from Sitka, Alaska to La Jolla, CA. The Pink Bay Star lives on rocky shores, sandy shores, and in kelp forests. They are more common in bays than on the open coast. This sea star is a carnivore which preys on mainly bivalves like clams, but may also eat snails, sand dollars, and barnacles. They also may scavenge on dead fish and squid. So, how does a sea star eat?  They will flip their stomach outside of their body and secrete a digestive enzyme that breaks down their prey so they can easily absorb their food! Then, they can put their stomachs back inside their body without leaving a trace! The Pink Bay Star does not have many predators. Sometimes sea otters and sea gulls can eat off their arms but incredibly the sea star’s arm can regenerate!

Come and meet this amazing animal for yourself at MSI’s Aquarium Spotlight on October 20th.


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