R/V Robert G. Brownlee Voyage

R/V Robert G. Brownlee Voyage

Article by Karen Peluso

On Sunday, October 21, Captain Jackson and Rachel brought the R/V Robert G. Brownlee up to the Marina Bay Harbor in Richmond.  They left MSI at 9:45am after loading up all the gear necessary for docking at other locations. They wound their way up underneath the San Mateo Bridge and Bay Bridge with the sun shining for the duration of the trip. They arrived in Richmond at 12:30 and were fully secured and ready to head home by 1:00.

Picture by: Rachel Wong

Monday, October 22, was the first day of programs out of Richmond and had a more ominous start. The crew (Captain Erik, Aja, Liz, Rachel, and Karen) arrived at the harbor to be welcomed with dark skies and pouring rain. After setting up the boat for the day’s voyages the crew poked their heads over the edge of the dock to see what invertebrates inhabited the area. They found masses of different types of tunicates (sea squirts) with mussels and sponges tucked in between.  They were also excited to find skeleton shrimp stretching out from the various animals they were attached too.

Do to the first major rain of the season, the traffic was slow so the school on the morning voyage ended up being delayed by 45min.  Fortunately, they ended up arriving just as the rain ended, so they were able to enjoy their trip under the sun.  The first trawl of the day was bountiful having a variety of animals including: a bat ray, northern anchovies, a pacific herring, white croakers, pacific sanddabs, bay gobies,  plainfin midshipmans, Dungeness crabs, slender leg crabs, and a variety of nudibranchs.   The most plentiful species of the trawl was the bay goby, with almost 300 of them being brought up.  Both crew and participants were excited to see such a variety of life! The other trawls of the day were smaller in numbers but with similar types of animals. Highlights of the day included catching the variety of fish, catching a large moon jelly, and seeing a harbor seal checking out the boat.


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