R/V Robert G. Brownlee Transit: San Francisco to Redwood City

R/V Robert G. Brownlee Transit: San Francisco to Redwood City

Article by: Kristina Sawyer

Photography by: Hayley Usedom and MSI photos

Photography by: Hayley Usedom

The Robert G. Brownlee is finally headed home on November 21st after almost 2 months at our satellite locations.  Captain Erik and I left the dock at Pier 40 and got a wonderful view of the city that I will miss seeing every day.  We passed AT&T park and began our trip down to Redwood City.  We left at 10am but were going against the tide so it will took about 3 hours to get home.  Captain Erik and I enjoyed the gorgeous sunny day and a view of the bay area not seen by many people.

A large Navy supply carrier passed by towed by 5 tugboats.  It looked pretty run down and is probably Bay Bridgeon its way to be scrapped, perhaps all the way to China.

Cruising at 7 knots we made it down to Candlestick park by 10:30.  By 11:00am we are near the airport and could see and hear all the planes landing as well as making out the San Mateo bridge on the horizon.  On our journey, we also transported some fish, that we caught near San Francisco, back down to our aquarium at MSI.  As we drove, we left the salt water pumps running so that the fish can slowly adjust to the changing salinity as we moved farther from the mouth of the San Francisco Bay.  This helped the fish avoid being shocked by the lower-salinity waters of our aquarium.

brownleeAt 11:52am we passed under the middle of the San Mateo bridge and by 12:30 we docked back home in Redwood City.  Jesus (MSI’s Aquarist) came out with a cooler to collect the fish we transported.  The MSI dock looked complete again with the big blue boat settled next to the it.


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