Feed the Fish when you Adopt an Animal at the Marine Science Institute!

Feed the Fish when you Adopt an Animal at the Marine Science Institute!

 cropDSC_0359Have you ever fed a shark?

Not many have, but those who adopt an animal with MSI are invited to feed our sharks and all of the animals in our aquarium!

At MSI fish feeding tours, guests learn about the eating habits of sea stars and other creatures from the San Francisco Bay and San Mateo Coast while serving up fish-friendly sushi.IMG_2107


“(we adopted for) two reasons: one to give support to … MSI and the other was to allow our boys to have individual time to enjoy another experience at MSI !” says one family.




Over 45 families have adopted animals and fed the fish in our special behind-the-scenes tour. Here is how one family described the experience: It was a very fun outing. Everyone learned something new and we walked away feeling we’d helped out… Getting to know the animals and the people who care about them was special.”


The tax-deductible adoption donation comes with:

  • Animal adoption certificate for your choice of a shark, sea star, or crab.
  • A “fun facts”card featuring a photo of the animal you adopted with fun facts on the flip side
  • Invitation to bring the family for a Feed the Fish Tour at MSI

Join our special inner circle of shark feeders by giving this tax-deductible gift to your family and others this holiday season! Order Now!

Want more Holiday Gift ideas from MSI?? Check out our Holiday Gifts page at http://www.sfbaymsi.org/holiday.html!


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