MSI’s Research Vessel is Getting Ready for the New Year!

The R/V Robert G. Brownlee, MSI’s research vessel, is getting ready for the New Year!

By: Karen Peluso


On Dec. 3, 2012 the Brownlee was hauled out of the water in Alameda at Bay Ship & Yacht Co. While at the dry dock the bottom of the boat will be cleaned and painted, the engines will be replaced, and the ballast will be taken out and replaced. This entire process should take about one month to complete.


The engines in the Brownlee are the original engines, put in when it was built in 1998. They have served MSI well, lasting much longer then they were expected to. This was due to the excellent care and repair skills of our captains, Jackson Gentry and Erik Larson. Jackson has been with MSI since 2001 and Erik has been with MSI since 2006. Both of our captains are United States Coast Guard certified licensed captains.


Both the port and starboard engines are being replaced, along with the ship’s generator. New propellers and shafts that attach to the engines will also be installed. The Brownlee is a certified inspected vessel by the United States Coast Guard. This means that it goes through annual inspections by United States Coast Guard inspectors for safety and running capability on the water. It also gets the entire hull and internal compartments inspected every other year while it is in dry dock. So 2013, will start off with the Brownlee having just completed its annual and dry dock inspections and with brand new engines and props installed. We are excited to have these improvements done and looking forward to a year full of Discovery Voyages!


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