Intertidal Year Begins!

Incredible Intertidal Fun!


We knew we were off to a spectacular start when Nina spotted a Pacific Red Octopus not 15 minutes into our tidepool exploration on Saturday!

With clear skies above, our group was wowed by one discovery after another. The extreme low tide allowed us to spend more time than ever at the out edges of the pools.  There we were able to find beautiful nudibranch dorid commonly called ‘sea lemon’.  And most impressive of all, we were able to find not one, but two specimens of the largest sea star in the world, Pycnopodia helianthoides, the sunflower star.



Join us next time! 2013 is the year of extraordinary tide pools, so check our online list of upcoming events and pick your next adventure. We have more tide pool explorations, shark days, tours aboard our 90′ research vessel, and more awaiting you in coming months.

Sea you next time!


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