One fish, two fish, let’s go count fish!!

This Saturday lots is happening at MSI.  In the morning, we’ll be conducting our first training for our volunteer fish data training in many moons.  In the afternoon we have two Ecotours aboard our newly re-powered research vessel Robert G. Brownlee!    Don’t want to miss out?  There’s still time to come aboard!

Fish Data Training

Saturday March 2, 2013   9am – 12pm

Care about the Bay??  Of course you do.  Do something about it while having fun!  Join our 40 year legacy of gathering information about the fish we see on our educational outings throughout the year.  Each year MSI takes over 20,000 students onto the Bay to learn about what swims below the water’s surface.  Over time, we have amassed data on tens of thousands of samples taken, creating the largest data set of fish populations in South San Francisco Bay.  Over 150 different species of fish have appeared in our database, reminding us every day of the enduring diversity, abundance, and precious nature we all live so close to!

Fish Data Volunteers are a vital part of our effort to better understand San Francisco Bay and educate all who live around her shores.  No particular background skills are required besides a passion for marine life and an ability to carry out the duties we train you for.  After our 3-hour training, you’ll be able to sign up for future voyages and help us gather data.  But be warned, counting fish amidst the energetic chaos of kids learning about the Bay with the sea breeze blowing that might keep you coming back for years or decades to come!

RSVP to Aaron Tinker if you are interested in attending.

Later in the day….

IMG_0670MSI sets out onto the waters of San Francisco Bay with our newly re-powered Robert. G. Brownlee!  Two, two-hour voyages are scheduled, the first departs at 1pm and the second at 3pm.  We’ll leave our dock on Redwood Creek and soon emerge onto San Francisco Bay to learn what secrets we can reveal.  You can help set and haul in our net with a sample of fish, which we keep in our on-board tanks to give you as personal a visit with our watery neighbors as possible. A mud grab gives us a glimpse into life on the muddy bottom of the Bay, and we finish with a glimpse into the amazing world of plankton on the big screen of our floating classroom.  It’s a trip you will never forget!

To join us, click over to our web site and register today!  Limited spaces remain.  Must be at least 5 years old to attend.  Children must be accompanied by an adult.

Have a great weekend!!


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