Rio Vista to Redwood City

On Friday, Captain Erik and I met in Antioch to take the boat up to Rio Vista to do one last Delta Discovery Voyage program this year.  It was a beautiful, sunny and warm day and we were met by excited students once we got to the dock. The kids had a blast catching Starry Flounder and Asian Clams.  After the program ended, we dropped the students and other instructors off in Rio Vista and began our trip to Redwood City.  The views on the Delta were incredible; green grass and wind turbines as far as you could see.


The Mothball Fleet on the starboard side just before the Benicia- Martinez bridge.


We traveled under five bridges during the trip.  Below is a picture of us looking back at the Carquinez Bridge.


The sun was just starting to set as we passed under the Richmond Bridge.


A beautiful sunset!


If you look closely to the right, you will see a cargo ship under the Bay Bridge.  It was getting a little chilly outside so I took this picture from inside the pilot house.


At 9:30pm, we finally docked at MSI! What a great trip.  The Robert G. Brownlee is now back at MSI for Spring programs.  Hopefully we will see you out on it really soon.


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