Low Tide Walk Wonders!

This past sunny Saturday wrapped-up a whirl-wind Winter Season of amazing tide pools.  The natural wonders of Pillar Point in Half Moon Bay have certainly been appreciated, by us and many others in the region.  Parking near the point has grown increasingly challenging, but for our group in particular, the effort was more than worthwhile!

After winding our way to the edge of the exposed shelf, we enjoyed finding hidden treasures such as purple sea urchins, ochre sea stars.  We also noticed a few plump harbor seals enjoying the sun on the rocks warily eyeing us from a nearby rocky outcrop, and were lucky enough to find a lemon nudibranch and clown nudibranch.


Lizzy shares one amazing octopus

The best surprise, though, was saved for last.  On returning to the shore, we crossed paths with fellow MSI instructors as they found not one, not two, but THREE Red Pacific Octopus!  

... while Rachel smiles eye to eye with another!

… while Rachel smiles eye to eye with another!

What’s more, one of them we’ve almost certainly had the pleasure of meeting before.  Back in January, we found one who seemed happy to be alive, as it was missing three of it’s eight arms in what must have been a harrowing escape from some predator.  Saturday’s find included an octopus with three little arms growing back!  Coincidence??  You decide.

Our little friend missing three arms in January...

Our little friend missing three arms in January…



and last Saturday with arms visibly regrowing!

Check our website page Baylines for more upcoming events.  And don’t forget that YOU make MSI successful by sharing what we do with your family and friends.  Word of mouth has kept MSI going for 43 years!  Our biggest event of the year is coming up on April 20, help us spread the news about Earth Day on the Bay!

Best fishes, Aaron


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