Marine Camp Sneak Peek #2

Underwater Investigators

Our Underwater Investigators camp is for 6th-8th graders. This summer I am excited to present a new take on this popular camp, with a biomimicry theme tying each day together.

Biomimicry is an innovative, interdisciplinary movement in science and design. Biomimicry draws inspiration from nature to create more efficient and sustainable solutions to human challenges. Our Underwater Investigators will spend a week learning about biomimicry, studying organisms, and using what they’ve learned to invent their own products.

UI canoes in sloughs

This camp features two days at our site, which will be spent closely examining bay and ocean organisms and systems. The culmination of these two days will be a “warm up” project for which our campers will design, build, and test a solution to our Top Secret Challenge using biomimicry as inspiration. Campers will also experience a day of canoeing through sloughs; they will learn more about Bay ecosystems and organisms while rowing as a team, enjoying the sunshine, and having fun out on the water.

The capstone of this fantastic week of science is our overnight trip on the Robert G. Brownlee. Campers will board our ship and set off for Angel Island. Along the way they will fish, take benthic (bottom) samples, and examine plankton under a microscope. Every organism that the campers catch is a part of their research for their final biomimicry challenge! At Angel Island campers will have time to relax on the beach and picnic before boarding the ship again for evening activities and a fun sleepover with their new camp friends. As they head back for MSI the next day, Underwater Investigators will come up with their own challenge and use biomimicry to design and build a model for the next big thing in science!

I can’t wait to see what our future innovators come up with!

Registration is open, sign up now!

~Felicia Van Stolk, Marine Camp Manager

To learn more about biomimicry, visit the Biomimicry Institute’s website.


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