Sea Lion Lunch Break

The food chain doesn’t always go they way you think…

Here’s the story about how this picture was caught on a recent marine science field trip with MSI!

   At first I just thought my students were being distracted by a harbor seal popping up until I looked over and saw a California Sea Lion, an unusual sight in South San Francisco Bay.  Even more unusual was that it soon became clear it had just caught something rather large.  We then realized that it had a leopard shark and everyone was very excited, and we went outside to get a closer look. The kids were so exited, not to mention the staff and parents. We were only half-way through our marine science field trip aboard our 90′ R/V Robert G. Brownlee, but the kids were too excited to miss a display like this. A great day and probably a once-in-a-lifetime experience for us and the kids.

MSI Instructor Elizabeth Sheets

What an exciting day on the bay!  Never before have I seen a California Sea Lion eat a Leopard Shark.  Sea lions are not often found in the San Francisco Bay and they usually eat fish.  It was such a treat to watch nature in action.  I felt like I was watching The Blue Planet in 3-D.  The students and chaperones were as excited as the MSI instructors.  Many students will agree that this was “the best field trip ever” and it will be something they remember for the rest of their lives.
MSI Instructor Aja Yee
Sea Lion munch time sm


You never know what you can see out on the Bay! Come to Earth Day on the Bay and find out.

A full day of fun on land awaits, including your choice of three trips on the Bay aboard the Brownlee!



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