Hands-on Job Shadowing

Hands-on Job Shadowing

by Hayley Usedom and Jesus Jimenez

On March 18th, 2013 the Marine Science Institute (MSI) hosted seven High School students for a day of job shadowing. Four 9th grade students from Monta Vista High School were able to experience what it is like to be and MSI Instructor. Here are some insights why these students decided to shadow MSI instructors.

 Job Shadow group 1

Neha: I am interested in visiting this company because I have a very keen interest in the field of science and wish to pursue a career in this field. I think this would be a great opportunity to get hands on work in this particular field, and see whether it is something I would enjoy.

Joseph: All my life, I have been fascinated with animals and nature, especially marine related. Now that I am learning Biology in school, I realize that I love this subject and pursue this field in the future. I believe that I will learn a lot from this experience.

Vivian: I’m interested in visiting this company because ever since I was young I’ve enjoyed being immersed in nature, and I’ve always been aware of environmental issues affecting my life too.

Natalie: I want to see what it is like teaching people

These young job trainees jumped right into life at MSI by helping the instructors set up the invertebrate, fish, and shark stations for a group of 2nd graders. Natalie was very excited to be able to touch everything they saw and jumped in to help the younger students identify fish (picture here).Vivian was very helpful at all the stations and worked hard to help put away the giant muddy seine net. Joseph and Neha enjoyed learning about and touching the animals. (picture here).

At the end of the day these young scientists all mentioned wanting to volunteer with the Marine Science Institute for the summer.

Three Juniors from Lynbrook High School were able to get their hands wet as they shadowed MSI’s aquarist. The students helped with a variety of tasks around the aquarium, all focusing on basic aquarium fish husbandry. These included tasks such as: removing the sand substrate from two of our tanks and converting them to gravel bottoms to better suit the new animals that would be living in the tanks.  This could only be done after carefully transferring all animals in the tank into temporary holding tanks while the sand and gravel were switched.  They helped monitor the basic systems in the aquarium, including checking tank levels, flow, aeration, clarity, and measuring water parameters such as temp, salinity and pH. They even removed foam build up in the Bay system’s sump, and helped the shoreside program with some clean up.

The students all left the day with a great deal of appreciation for hard work, and a much better idea of what a career in aquarium husbandry might be like.

If you are interesting in volunteering with MSI check out all the great opportunities http://sfbaymsi.org/volunteer.html


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