Marine Camp Sneak Peek #3

Plankton Pioneers: Small but Mighty

Our Plankton Pioneers (campers entering kindergarten – 1st grade) are in for an exciting week. Just like real plankton, our Plankton Pioneers are small but important, and are beginning a hopefully long journey with MSI. We have had some MSI stars who started as Plankton, and swam their way through all the camps to become volunteers and even counselors!

A week of the Plankton Pioneer camp opens campers’ eyes to the magic and wonder of marine life. Learning about and touching live animals in a safe and exciting environment inspires excitement about science, and an awe of nature. Campers won’t even realize that they are learning as they play, dance, and sing about the animals and habitats that they are experiencing first-hand.


Marine Yoga. Sea pens!

Some favorite games include the “Plankton Game” and “Marine Yoga”. These simple activities get bodies moving and imaginations flowing—and they reinforce concepts about the animals campers have seen! In the “Plankton Game” our Plankton Pioneers pretend to be plankton, and “drift” with their leader, “the water,” through whirlpools, waves and changing tides! For “Marine Yoga” our Plankton stretch their imaginations to pose and act like their favorite animals—they reach with their tentacles like an anemone, walk like a crab and jump like a shrimp. We love to see smiling faces, and hear giggles and laughter as our campers remember all of the different animals that they have touched.

Jelly fish hat

Jelly  hat

Each day of camp has a special theme that introduces campers to different aspects of marine science. These include: “Splendid Splashers” (sharks and mammals), “Bay Bonanza” (Bay fish and invertebrates), “Pacific Party” (Ocean fish and invertebrates), “Expedition Day” (Habitats including the deep sea, marshes and beaches), and of course, Boat Day! The games, songs and animals that campers see each day pertain to these themes. Each of the days spent on land also feature a fun craft! Your camper will come home with a colorful creation related to what they learned about every day—a perfect souvenir and conversation starter!

For a Marine Camp sneak peak in-person, please stop by the “mini camp” arts and crafts zone at our Earth Day on the Bay event this Saturday. This event is free to the public and will be open from 10 am – 5 pm. In addition to our awesome arts and crafts, there will be live entertainment and, of course, animals to touch!

Space is still available, CLICK HERE to visit our website and sign up your camper and a friend today!


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