Ocean Views: Stewardship


2OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA012-13 Ocean Views Project has come to a close! The Kennedy and Pescadero Middle School students have completed all of their experiences connecting their lives to their watershed.  Their last activities consisted of fun filled leaning experience exploring tidepools at Pillar Point, picking up trash at various beaches, and creating posters on how to be stewards.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

All of the students were able to get up close and personal with rocky shore flora and fauna at Pillar Point in Half Moon    Bay. Exploring this habitat was exciting and new for a majority of the students. For those who have been before, they were able to see a new rocky shore location or other organisms that they haven’t come into contact with previously. In addition, the students delved into scientific data collection by conducting transects of species density. Kennedy Middle students continued with their day at the rocky shore by collecting trash that they found along the site.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Pescadero Middle chose a location closer to their school and selected Pescadero State Beach to do their stewardship project, trash pick-up. Pescadero marsh is approximately 600 acres and is the largest marsh between from San Francisco and Monterey Bay CA PARKS. As the students ventured in the marsh they saw both small and large organisms. The students pointed out a caterpillar crawling along the ground and a beautiful Egret in the marsh. This gave the students an opportunity to see where the mouth of Butano and Peascadero creeks meets the Pacific Ocean.DSCN1699

For the students’ concluding activity they had to create a poster that highlighted their activities through the Ocean Views Project. It had to include a drawing or picture of  some part of their watershed, the definition of a watershed, the name of their watershed, and three ways they could be stewards of their watershed. The students not only presented to me and some of my fellow colleagues, but some of the students volunteered at Earth Day on the Bay here at the Marine Science Institute. While at Earth Day on the Bay the students filmed their interviews with public participants and created a video about  what people thought a watershed was.
These students have already said that they want to volunteer for all types of MSI related activities. I am excited to see these students become stewards of their watershed and beyond. MSI is very proud of the Kennedy and Pescadero students for completing this B-WET Ocean Views Project.

For more information about Marine Science Institute check out this video


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