Google Reach Local dives in with the Marine Science Institute!


Last week, Marine Science Institute was one of three local non-profit organizations invited to host a small team of ‘Googlers’ as part of a new local volunteer initiative at the company.  We were thrilled to be selected among the Monterey Bay Aquarium and Peninsula Open Space Trust to work with these tech-savvy volunteers to improve our organizational effectiveness and web and mobile interactivity.  Hands on Bay Area did an incredible job coordinating the volunteer groups and events of the week, and what a week it was!

The week kicked off with all nine Google Reach Local volunteers visiting for a day of canoeing on Redwood Creek to bond as a group, learn about the local ecosystem, and build excitement for a week of volunteering with environmental non-profits.

For the leopard sharknext three action-packed days our crew led three Google volunteers through programs including fish data volunteer training, shoreside observation, and a tidepool walk in the morning; and in the afternoon the crew from Google took the lead in consulting on tools and strategies our organization may use to be more effective in our initiatives and mission.  We taught them how to collect data on fish, and they showed us how to show the results interactively on our website- now that’s teamwork!

Thank you Google Volunteers for a truly Fishtastic Partnership!


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