Out and About

MSI is quiet today with all of our groups out on field trips and on the boat.

Leopard shark caught by Ocean Explorers

Leopard shark caught by Ocean Explorers

The Ocean Explorers on the boat today caught a bunch of baby sharks, a bat ray, CA halibut and many other fishes! It was an exciting day of hauling lines and using real scientific equipment to collect their specimen. The fish they caught today will be used in our research–we study our database (with over 40 years of information)  to learn about the changing fish population in the Bay.

Our other group of Ocean Explorers spent the day singing sea shanties and exploring the ships at Aquatic Park in San Francisco. You and your family can visit there too! The Maritime National Historical Park is located near Ghirardelli Square at the Hyde Street Peir–a great place to spend the afternoon.

Our Bay Explorers are enjoyed a sunny day at Don Edwards National Wildlife Refuge.

photo (8)

At this beautiful park our campers  explored different habitats, studied the salt marsh and examined the mud. You can explore the mud and sediments in your own local habitat/backyard with a homemade sieve just like the ones they used today.

Materials: 4 pieces of mesh of different sizes, 2 1-liter bottles or 2 milk cartons, scissors, tape

Assemble: Cut the containers (bottles or cartons) into four 2-inch tall rings, leave the bottom of the bottle or carton on another segment (this will be the bottom of your sieve). Attach a piece of mesh to the bottom of each segment in order of size, with the largest mesh at the top, and the finest mesh covering the last segment (the base does not need mesh, so you can pour out the water).  Stack the mesh segments on top of the base and put some dirt on the top. Rinse the dirt with water and watch as different sized particles (and animals) sift out at different levels. Observe the creatures under a magnifying class and be sure to return them to their habitat!


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