Friday Fun

It is the last day of our first week of camp! The first group is always special to our staff and we are sad to say good bye, but we are looking forward to eight more weeks of adventures.


Today families will have a chance to join us for Show and Tell. At 3:30 pm they will see a slide show of some of our best photos of the week and here a little more about MSI and how their family can continue to enjoy their membership. The, our campers will take their families on a tour of the site and help them to touch the animals that they have spent the week learning about. 

Our Bay Explorers will be fresh off the boat this afternoon. They caught fish and dug up mud; scooped up plankton and learned about the estuary’s food web.

Some of our Ocean Explorers will have just returned from Bean Hollow State Beach, where the other group enjoyed the tide pools and interesting geology.

Metals in the sand!

Did you know that there are metals in the sand? Next time you visit a beach, bring a magnet and plastic bag with you. See how much metal you can collect by dragging the magnet through the sand. Create your own etch-a-sketch: once you have a lot of magnetite (the black metallic flecks in the sand), pour it in a shoebox lid and cover the lid with a clear report cover. Cut away excess plastic and tape the edges of the cover to the shoebox lid. Use a magnet to move the metal filings around.

Our final group of Ocean Explorers have spent the day here, learning about coastal creatures,stewardship and the deep sea. If they want to continue their deep sea exploration, you may want to watch some live video feeds from the sea floor! Neptune Canada provides links to several deep sea cameras–tune in to see what wacky creatures might swim by!


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