Welcome Week 2!

We are excited to welcome a new group of campers this week. This is our first week of Plankton Pioneers and Underwater Investigators. All of our groups had a blast even in the drizzle.

Face to face with a leopard shark!

Face to face with a leopard shark!

Our Plankton Pioneers got to see and touch our leopard sharks! They also learned about mammals and made a mammal of their own–a “lunch bag whale” using recyclable materials!

Our Underwater Investigators are gearing up for their Biomimicry Challenges. Tomorrow some of them will be canoeing and some of them will put their new knowledge to a test with their first project: an Egg Drop. They will see what kind of capsule they can create using biomimicry to protect an egg from a great fall–will Humpty Dumpty be safe?
Our Ocean Explorers learned about coastal creatures today, delving into the deep and learning about different phyla of marine invertebrates. They created “Stewardship Challenge” cards to teach their family and friends about how we can all do our part to protect the marine environment.


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