Fun in the sun

Touching fish!

Touching fish!

It was a wonderful sunny day here by the bay. The Plankton Pioneers enjoyed having the site to themselves as they studied ocean animals. They touched fish and held invertebrates from the coast–including kelp crabs, hermit crabs and sea stars. They also created their own hermit crabs with recyclable materials–you can create other ocean invertebrates at home too! One of the animals we saw today was a giant green anemone. This animals eats with its many sticky tentacles. To create an anemone, all you need is a toilet paper roll–simply make 1 inch cuts around one end to make tentacles, then color it in!

Tomorrow our Plankton Pioneers will come all dressed up and ready for an adventure through different habitats.

Our Ocean Explorers visited San Francisco today and explored the historic ships at the Maritime History Museum in Aquatic Park. The theme of the day was “Ocean Explorers”–they learned about turn of the century sailors and also the animals that travel the world over attached or inside these ships.

"Sea lemon" slug found on the docks

“Sea lemon” slug found on the docks

The Ocean Explorers saw some amazing animals on the docks–some of which are non-native or invasive species.

Tomorrow our Ocean Explorers will stay at MSI to for the “Water World” day–they will learn about the water cycle and how Earth’s oceans are all connected. They will then study animals that migrate through our vast oceans, such as many marine mammals, sea turtles and sharks.

The Underwater Investigator camp is just beginning their overnight adventure. They set sail this morning toward Angel Island. On their way they fished and sampled mud. They are collecting data to use for their final biomimicry project tomorrow. Tonight, after exploring Angel Island, they will sleep on board the Robert G. Brownlee!

We look forward to sharing all of our knew knowledge with our camp families tomorrow at show and tell. Plankton Pioneers show and tell parking begins at 1 pm, and runs from 1:30-2:20 pm . Our other camps will be ready to park at 3 pm and the show will run from 3:30-4:30pm.


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