Learning and Sharing

Josie's lesson about Spider Crabs

Josie’s lesson about Spider Crabs

Welcome to Marine Camp week 3! We are so excited to welcome our campers to this abbreviated camp. We have extra small groups this week, and our campers, instructors, counselors and volunteers are enjoying getting to know each other and sharing their knowledge about the Bay, the ocean and all sorts of things. This is a perfect day to remember that we are all learners and that anyone can be a teacher.

Some of our Ocean Explorers are out on the Bay aboard our ship. They will be catching fish and scooping up mud and examining plankton. Our other group of Ocean Explorers are studying ocean fish, invertebrates, mammals and the deep sea. They are also learning about stewardship and how they can help their families learn about and to protect their natural environment.

Our Plankton Pioneers are all about the “Crawling Critters” of the Bay and ocean today. They compared Bay and Ocean invertebrates and made their own hermit crab crafts. We also enjoyed getting lessons from some of our little marine biologists who can’t wait to share about the animals they got to hold today!


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