Fishy fun

Another beautiful day by the Bay!

Metals in the sand!

Some of our Ocean Explorers set out aboard the Robert G. Brownlee this morning and are excited to go fishing–yesterday’s group caught a 3 feet long leopard shark, I wonder what they’ll get today!

The other Ocean Explorers are going to have a great time on the beach today. They’ll study waves and the beach habitat, as well as some interesting geology. Did you know that there are magnetic rocks in the sand? Today our campers will discover just this. You can use this magnetite to create your own etch-a-sketch! Collect as much of this black sand as you can by dragging a magnet through the sand and scraping it into the lid of a shoe box. Once you have a good collection you can move it around the shoe box lid by putting a magnet on the outside. You can even draw a head on the box and give it magnetite hair!

Face to face with a leopard shark!

Face to face with a leopard shark!

Our Plankton Pioneers are enjoying having the site to themselves today as they study “Super Swimmers”–fish and sharks from the ocean and bay. They will have some cool crafts to bring home and exciting stories of touching a live shark!


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