Show and Tell

It was a short week of camp, but our campers will still have so much to show off today at the show and tell.

I hope we catch a leopard shark of our own!

I hope we catch a leopard shark of our own!

Our Plankton Pioneers set sail this morning for their “Discovery Voyage” aboard the Robert G. Brownlee. It’s the season for baby sharks, and after touching a shark yesterday our campers are eager to see them in the wild. In addition to fishing they will be joining the “Mud Club” and studying plankton. Plankton are things that live in the water that cannot swim against a current. You can learn about plankton at home with a fun and simple game. All you need is a bottle of bubble solution. Bubbles float in the air–and drift in air currents the same way that plankton would drift in water currents. Blow some bubbles and try to make them move from one side of the room to the other by creating air currents–by blowing or waving your hands.

Some of our Ocean Explorers are enjoying a day at the beach today. They will study geology and waves, and will explore the tide pools at Bean Hollow State Beach. Our other Ocean Explorers have MSI to themselves–they are studying “Ocean Explorers” today. They will touch tide pool fish and invertebrates, and the leopard sharks in our aquarium. They will also learn about mammals and the deep sea. Did you know that there are deep sea canyons just off the coast of California? In addition to the Monterey Canyon, there are trenches surrounding the Farallones National Marine Sanctuary. These areas are being mapped using sonar to create 3-D images of this “underwater Grand Canyon”. You can view these canyons on the Gulf of the Farallones National Marine Sanctuary Virtual Tour.


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