Welcome to week 4!

We are excited for another week of camp! This week we have three different camps sharing our site: Plankton Pioneers (K-1st grade), Ocean Explorers (2nd-5th grade) and Underwater Investigators (6th-8th grade).

Our Plankton Pioneers studies “Super Swimmers” today: sharks and marine mammals. These swimmers inhabit our bay as well as the open ocean, and our campers learned about some of their adaptations (things that help them live) to both of these habitats.

The Ocean Explorers took a dive to the deep sea and learned about pressure and other cool things that make the deep an extreme habitat. They also began to explore different phyla (groups) of invertebrates that are found just off our coast. They got to see cnidaria, echinoderms, arthropods and mollusks. Can they remember an example of each?

IMG_4797 photo 5 photo 1 (2) Oyster drills


The Underwater Investigators were introduced to biomimicry today. Biomimicry is the use of nature as inspiration to create solution to human problems. Can you find some tools that you use at home that may have been inspired by nature? Can you find something that could be improved or made more efficient and sustainable by copying a natural solution? Our Underwater Investigators will be studying and using biomimicry all week to solve their mystery challenge and to create a new invention! Tomorrow half of the group will go canoeing while the other half completes their mystery challenge. I can’t wait to see what they come up with!


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