Sounds like fun!

Eggs cracking, crab claws snapping, paddles splashing, boat horns blasting. I enjoyed today’s chorus of camp sounds. The first song I heard was sung by our Plankton Pioneers, who danced to “Baby Shark”. They went on to learn about animals “Down by the Bay”, including fish and invertebrates. Tomorrow they will get to see more of these Bay inhabitants and hopefully catch some Bay fish for themselves!

IMG_5011The Ocean Explorers had their day on the Bay today. They caught bat rays, halibut, northern anchovy and other awesome creatures. They also scooped up the mud to study invertebrates, and they looked at plankton under a microscope. The Bay was full of exciting life today!

IMG_4317Some of our Underwater Investigators got into the Bay on a canoe trip and enjoyed calm waters as they explored our sloughs. Meanwhile, their teammates on shore were busily inventing solutions for their Egg Drop Challenge using biomimicry. They took inspiration from many parts of nature, including bird nests, flying squirrels and even elephant feet! Some inventions carried their eggs to a soft landing and some ended with a ker-splat!


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