An Ocean of fun

“The Earth has one big ocean with many features.” “The ocean supports a great diversity of life and ecosystems.” ~NOAA’s Ocean Literacy Principles #1 and #5.

Tidepooling at Bean HollowIt’s all about the ocean today for our Plankton Pioneers and Ocean Explorers. While the Ocean Explorers visit Bean Hollow State Beach, the Plankton Pioneers are studying fish and invertebrates that come from the coast–how are they different from the fish and invertebrates that live in the Bay?

The Ocean Explorers will enjoy learning some geology and studying the waves and intertidal habitats found at Bean Hollow. There are dunes, cliffs, sandy beach and rocky shore all available at this small and beautiful beach.

We saw our Underwater Investigators off today as well. They will be on our boat for 2 whole days. At the end of today they will be near the border between bay and ocean while they stretch their legs on Angel Island. They will fish on their way up and fish again tomorrow morning–I can’t wait to see the interesting animals that they might catch!


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