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MSI is so quiet with all three camps on field trips today!

Our Bay Naturalists are in the Aquarium of the Bay today. After practicing being aquarists yesterday, they are going behind the scenes to see what it would be like to take care of a much bigger aquarium! The Aquarium of the Bay is a beautiful aquarium that supports conservation and education with naturalists who help to interpret and inform their guests. You and your family can reserve Behind the Scenes tours lead by aquarium naturalists, or you can get a tour from your own Bay Naturalist the next time you visit!

The Balclutha at Aquatic Park

The Balclutha at Aquatic Park

Our Ocean Explorer “Ray” group is in San Francisco today as well. They are learning all about other types of ocean explorers at Aquatic Park (aka Maritime Historical National Park). After a tour on the tall ship Balclutha our Explorers will take a look under the private docks to see what animals are living there. Many of these animals came from around the world on or in the ships that come into the San Francisco Bay. These invasive species are often beautiful, but also harmful to the native wildlife of the Bay. Some of theme come from the farther south along this coast, or even from the Atlantic, and some come from as far as Asia or Australia! Look at a map and see if you can figure  out the route a Japanese little-neck clam, or a Chinese mitten crab took aboard a big ship like the Balclutha


Exploring tide pools at Bean Hollow

Exploring tide pools at Bean Hollow

While some of our campers are in the city, our “Shark” group is enjoying a beach day at Bean Hollow State Beach. This beautiful piece of the coast line features tide pool, cliff, dune and sandy beach habitats. These features plus the impressive waves are a perfect back-drop to learning about erosion and geology. A beach is a special bridge between the land and open ocean. The next time you and your family visit the shore think about how you are connected to the whole world by our world’s ocean. Always make sure to pick up some trash and leave nothing by footprints to get carried away by the water! 


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