Super hero stewards!

Shower Less!

“I will take showers less”… to save water!

We have a group of Ocean Explorers at MSI today who are learning about “coastal creatures”. Our aquarium hosts many animals collected from the Pacific coast (mostly from Pillar Point in Half Moon Bay) and our campers will be studying some of the different invertebrate phyla (groups), such as arthropods, mollusks, echinoderms and cnidarians. Our campers are also learning more about stewardship today. They will come home with “stewardship challenge” cards with ideas for your family to take action towards caring for the environment.

Meanwhile, our other group of Ocean Explorers are taking their turn at Aquatic Park. They will also get to tour the Balclutha, see the animals below the docks and take a look at some of the other historical ships at the pier.

The Bay Naturalists set sail this morning to study Bay ecosystem. They will be collecting data on the animals they catch and contributing to our 40 year old database of research. Our Naturalists are becoming better scientists and better observers. They can continue to practice being a naturalist at home by having their own “Sit Spot”. A sit spot is ideally a place in nature or where nature can be observed. Choose a favorite spot at home to be your “Sit Spot”. Choose a space that is comfortable and calm, like your yard or balcony or even sitting by a favorite window. When you visit your sit spot try to engage as many senses as you can and notice and observe as much as you can. As you visit your sit spot every day, you will become the expert of this spot, and notice every small change.


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