Show and Tell

Happy Friday! We are excited for Show and Tell, our campers have so much to share with their families today.

A Crab Cove naturalist with the bay dioramma

A Crab Cove naturalist with the bay diorama

Our Bay Naturalists are at Crab Cove Visitor Center in Alameda. Today they will see another aquarium and a beautiful interpretive classroom with a cross-section of the bay. Our Naturalists are getting good at analyzing and interpreting their surroundings. At home they can create an interpretive tool too! Create a diorama like the “Wharf Classroom”. Make a cross-section of the bay—what will you include? What will the abiotic parts of the habitat look like? Don’t forget brackish water, rocks, and mud. What about the biotic parts? Don’t forget plants, such as eel grass, as well as all the cool creatures that you saw in the aquarium today. Some animals may be swimming and some may be buried in the mud.

Our Ocean Explorers are on the boat or at MSI today. We have been catching cool creatures (such as baby brown smooth hound sharks and bat rays) all week, I can’t wait to see what they catch today. On land our Ocean Explorers are learning more about stewardship and studying many coastal invertebrates. Can they remember an example of each phylum that we studied today? We saw cnidarians, echinoderms, mollusks and arthropods.

2013 06 16 Marine Camp OE Rays Best 12DSCF0829photo 1 (2)


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